Advanced Engine Oil Flush

Balances Compression – Keeps Oil Cleaner for Longer

Well, basically it thins the existing old oil by use of it’s chemical formula, allowing the oil to pass more freely around the engine and all of its components. This action helps dissolve and free any built up blockages present. Effectively it is a cleaner. It frees off the hydraulic valve lifters, frees off sticky piston rings, thus balancing the compression of all the pistons, restoring maximum power and performance back to the engine. This also helps to keep the new engine oil cleaner for longer. Use at your next oil change and notice the difference straight away.

When used as directed EnviroPlus Engine Flush will:

  • Internally clean, lubricate and protect modern engines
  • Remove and neutralise harmful deposits from crankcase
  • Dissolve gums and varnish from sticking valves and piston rings
  • Help remove bore glaze
  • Prolong the life of new oil

The benefits of the above are:

  • Improved cylinder compression
  • Lower exhaust emissions
  • Reduced oil consumption
  • Quietened noise hydraulic valve lifters
  • Increased engine efficiency and performance
  • Demonstrably cleaner oil

Instructions for use:

  • Empty contents of can into fuel tank *DO NOT USE IF MORE THAN QUARTER OF TANK FULL*
  • Run vehicle for 7-10 miles to ensure cleaner works fuel system thoroughly
  • To maintain optimum injection system use Injection Correction once every 3 months