Effects of cheap fuel

Regular Internal Cleaning of Engines

It seems there is still a great debate raging regarding the quality of fuel both in the UK and the USA. Whilst we do not express an opinion on this debate, we would recommend regular internal cleaning of engines in order to maintain lower emissions and efficiency. Whether a single car user or a large fleet operator, Injection Correction can and will be of benefit. Regular use of Injection Correction Products may extend engine life.

“Impure diesel fuel is causing problems in a number of modern diesel engines, reports Fleet News. The complex fuel injection systems in many modern diesels have holes in their injectors as small as 0.001mm, and tiny particles in poor-quality fuel can block these up. Some fleet operators are now introducing a policy of replacing oil filters as frequently as every 4500 miles, and note that it is important to use a manufacturer-recommended filter rather than a cheaper alternative, and to use the best-quality fuels wherever possible. However, the problem is still very small compared to a more common fault – diesel engine damage caused by drivers filling up with petrol by mistake.”

- Fleet News

Top fuel – Cheap fuel

If you use top grade fuels constantly in your vehicle then only one application of the Injection Correction system annually will be sufficient to keep your engine in tip-top condition.

If you, like most of us, need to save money and tend to buy from supermarkets or small unbranded fuel outlets, then you need our products perhaps every 6 months. Once you’ve treated your engine for the first time, we know you’ll be in contact with us again.

Get the results the first time with Injection Correction.