• Injection Correction CO2 Emission Control Products

    Emission Control from the people who know the answer to immediate Greener motoring. Lower/Reduce the emissions from your vehicle easily and cheaply.

    Suitable for Petrol or Diesel Engines of all ages and is Catalytic Converter and Turbo Friendly. Also motorcycles, marine engines, plant and heavy machinery.

    Injection Correction CO2 Emission Control Products
  • Advanced Engine Oil Flush

    For all petrol and diesel vehicles

    EnviroPlus Engine Flush allows the oil to pass more freely around the engine and all of its components. This action helps dissolve and free any built up blockages present. Effectively it is a cleaner. It frees off the hydraulic valve lifters, frees off sticky piston rings, thus balancing the compression of all the pistons, restoring maximum power and performance back to the engine.

    Advanced Engine Oil Flush
  • Superior Fuel Injection Cleaner

    For all petrol and diesel vehicles.

    A superior, powerful Injector Cleaner you can simply pour into your fuel tank with our unique spout provided to restore power, performance, fuel consumption and dramatically reduce engine CO2 emissions. All you have to do is drive.

    Superior Fuel Injection Cleaner

Restores fuel economy, performance, and lowers emissions. Cleans the Lambda Sensor, cleans injectors and the fuel system. Catalytic convertor safe, turbo friendly; safe for petrol and diesel use. Read our product benefits.

Be savvy about your vehicle. Whether you drive for leisure or business, these products will vastly improve your engine’s performance. You don’t need to be a car mechanic. Read some testimonials.

Watch our short film demonstrating Injection Correction Injector Cleaner and Engine Flush, explaining how you can benefit from restored fuel economy, performance, and lowers emissions.

We were established in 1996. Since this time we have conducted considerable research and development working closely with the motor trade throughout the UK to develop our products. Learn more.

Hi, I have a 2004 Audi 1.9td Avant Quattro which has 56,000 miles. I drive it about 60 miles per day on average to and from work. After putting in a can of the Injector Cleaner I can honestly say that the car has more 'pep' and even sounds a bit quieter. Early days for fuel consumption yet but I have calculated 3-4 miles per week so far! I'll gladly keep you updated on this should it improve. Money well spent and thank you!–S McKinney of Belfast

Just applied the Engine Flush with oil change and put the Injector cleaner in the tank of my Citroen Xantia 1.9TD 1996 which has 98,500miles on it and not only did the MOT tester ask if I had put a new engine in due to the huge reduction in emissions at the re-test but it feels like a new engine. It's got some grunt in it at last! Cheaper than a new engine too.–A O'Mahoney of Liverpool

Thank you so much, noticed a great improvement in power in my 1999 Fiesta.–J Warn of Norwich